They are fastening brackets manufactured from stainless steel bar, with the tightening nut set to the tige, which makes it rotatable, facilitating the adjustment of the facade at the time of assembly. This support has the advantage of being adjustable on the X, Y and Z axes;

The tightening nut set to the tige can be replaced by loose nuts, according to the situation to which they refer, or at the customer’s request;

Depending on the size of the air box and the weight that will support each support, the height of the support, the length and the diameter of the tige are calculated;

This system applies when the fixing base is in reinforced concrete, because the PMR is fixed using a mechanical anchor;

Each support is provided with a tige, 1 Ø5 × 70 pin (pin), plastic sleeve and mechanical anchor;

It can be manufactured in AISI 304 (A2) or 316 (A4) stainless steel;


Parts dimensions:

PMR: The length of the easel can be a minimum of 25mm and a maximum of 300mm

PMT: The length of the easel can be a minimum of 15mm and a maximum of 150mm

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